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Bruce Shallard & Associates is a renowned Aquaculture and Fisheries consultancy group that currently provides services in the following areas of core expertise:

  • Theories and concepts of fisheries management, strategic planning for marine sector development, restructuring of fisheries entities and implementation of fishery management and ITQ programmes.

  • Aquaculture design, development and implementation

  • Development and implementation of monitoring and enforcement systems, including specialist technology development such as a VMS.

  • Development of legislative authorities and management policies and practises, including administrative and computer systems for fisheries management, and associated business process planning.

  • Fisheries resource assessment and analysis.

  • Public sector improvement specialising in the primary sector

  • Development of primary sector opportunities/developments in the Middle East


In addition to its own expertise Bruce Shallard and Associates works in conjunction with Deloitte providing business solutions; NIWA the New Zealand Government fisheries and aquaculture science provider with extensive Middle East experience providing the sound science for the ventures, and other technical input from a range of associated companies. He has developed sound links in the Gulf states particularly in aquaculture provision and has close links to Government agencies in the fisheries, aquaculture and aquaculture areas.