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Headquartered in Dubai, Jasper Consult DMCC provides specialist and focused consulting services either through its own in-house resources or, where further expertise is required, by sourcing the required specialists from its global community of experienced consultants.


We offer a broad range of services with a focus on strategic planning, inward advisory, partnership selection, market-entry strategy, and capital restructuring.


Many financial transactions are better supported by providing consulting services which enable clients to maximise the value of their businesses in entering a transaction and to consolidate any new activities once the transaction is complete.


Clients to date have included the United Nations, the World Bank, UK and Middle Eastern governments, leading British multinationals as well as key Middle East corporate and family offices.  


Founded in late 2001, Jasper Capital has covered a range of exciting emerging and developing markets through its office in London and the UAE.
We operate globally although in most cases there is a strong Middle Eastern link on assignments and transactions we manage and partners with whom we work.
We have provided advice to a range of market-leading companies as well as government and parastatal agencies globally and have successfully undertaken assignments in many countries and in most sectors, including:

  • natural resources

  • oil, gas and petrochemical industries

  • mining and metals

  • financial services

  • renewable energy

  • construction

  • building materials

  • information technology

  • automotive, aviation, marine

  • real estate

  • manufacturing

  • hotels and the leisure industry

  • life sciences

  • education

Jasper Capital seeks to act as both advisor and, where appropriate, partner to its clients and to develop and sustain long term relationships with clients and counterparties alike.


Jasper Capital has very clear objectives, namely to: 

  • address our clients’ needs for a wide range of optimally priced services

  • increase our clients’ profitability

  • manage the risks within our clients’ operating and financial structures

  • assist our clients to raise appropriate funding for growth

  • bring new opportunities to help grow our clients’ businesses

  • identify and execute merger

  • acquisition and private equity investment opportunities

  • realise value from the disposal of assets

  • help our clients formulate clear strategies to develop and implement action plans relating to underperforming assets

  • to work with our partner to develop strong and sustainable businesses




Our team works as a partner in your business, an extension to your management team whom you can call on when required. We strive to anticipate and respond to the changing needs of our clients.
Our knowledge of the markets in which we operate, combined with our experience, resourceful outlook and skilled personnel, help us provide relevant, practical and unambiguous advice whenever our client's need it.
In everything we do, we stress not just professionalism but also creativity and imagination. Sometimes the old way is the best way, but not always. We have found that by approaching projects from different angles, we can often come up with innovative solutions that work. It is a way of thinking that sets us apart.