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PATRICIA MCCALL - Senior Consultant 


Patricia graduated with a Bachelors degree in Economics from University of Virginia in Charlottesville, VA. She received her Masters degree in International Affairs, focusing on Middle East Studies and Economic Development, from Columbia University's Graduate School of International and Public Affairs, New York. Patricia began her career as an analyst with Merrill Lynch before spending a year abroad in Lisbon, Portugal working as a financial consultant for an internet company. After working briefly in emerging market equity sales at ING Barings, she spent four years as a macroeconomic and equity analyst at Banyan Fund Management, a New York-based, Asian focused hedge fund. Her primary focus was on the emerging markets of Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, China as well as Taiwan and South Korea. She held various responsibilities including macroeconomic analysis of global emerging markets, technology sector analysis in Asia as well as global political risk analysis.


While obtaining her Masters degree, Patricia worked as a consultant to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development. She completed an in-depth analysis of foreign direct investment and corporate social responsibility in conflict areas. Additionally, she was a consultant for MEC International, presenting a paper on economic development in the Middle East region in Bahrain. Most recently, she was based in Cairo, Egypt as a consultant to the Chairman of the World Economic Forum's Arab Business Council, focusing on economic development and regional investment issues and worked for the World Bank Group's International Finance Corporation Private Enterprise Partnership - Middle East and North Africa Facility where she was responsible for project development in the region for technical assistance projects focusing on regulatory reform and the business enabling environment.


At Jasper Capital, some of her current projects include providing regional economic and industry analysis for a major United Arab Emirates Investment Company, regulatory reform advisory for regional governments, as well consulting for the United Nations on issues of corporate social responsibility in conflict zones.


Her research papers are published on the web and are available upon request. She is Lebanese-American by origin and speaks conversational French and intermediate Arabic. Patricia is also a member of the Young Arab Leaders Organisation.